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case ticket should not force user to fill in some fields

On the ticket (case), now you have to fill in the Business impact, and the descript steps taken, please make these two as optional, at least for non production ticket. There are always a business impact. 9 out of 10 times these two don't make sense to put anything in, waste my time.

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  • Dec 4 2019
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  • Guest commented
    6 Feb, 2020 06:59pm

    are you on a support role and actually doing the production support? Do you understand most issue can't be easily be descripted in few words if it is not screen GIU related. If it is easily duplicated and it should be detailed on the ticket description. The ticket priority is the indicate of business impact. Make these two fields as required is just wasting time.  

  • Admin
    Kyung Hwang commented
    6 Feb, 2020 06:32pm

    Changes to the Create A Case Forms


    When using the Create a Case option through Support Center the fields “Business Impact” and “Describe Steps Taken” were optional and not required when creating a case.


    In an effort to improve the support process and reduce the need to ask for additional information after the case is created, these fields will be required when creating a case. Providing the business impact will help ensure our support teams understand how the issue impacts your ability to use the software or service, and whether any critical SLA’s or deliverables are impacted. Describing the steps taken will help us understand what actions were done prior to the case being created, which will assist our support teams in the research and resolution of the issue.