Eagle Client Portal

Client FAQ and Feedback

How will the new Portal differ from the old?

Answer:  The new Portal delivers benefits in five key ways:

  1. Simple and Attractive UI with a Helpful Navigation Scheme. We fashioned the look and feel of our interface in partnership with our clients. For example, a prominent search box helps surface knowledge articles and product documentation that used to take a long time to find, reducing anxiety when you’re fighting problems and issues.
  2. Transparency, Independence, and Speed. We’ve provided visibility into the status and progress of requests and tickets.
  3. Personalization Engine. The Portal interfaces with the Eagle ACCESS platform, automatically retrieving your environment details; for example, the instance name, instance state, and version number used for tickets.
  4. New Self-Service Knowledge Base with Enterprise Search Engine. The self-service knowledge base allows you to ask questions, in your own words, and receive fast, consistent and accurate answers. Through your search terms, we’re able to determine the kinds of things you search for, what troubles you the most, and the different terms you use for your features. With that kind of data, we can circle back and improve the usability of our product.
  5. Individual Accounts. Instead of providing a single corporate account, we’re providing individual accounts with single sign-on.
  • Kyung Hwang
  • Mar 17 2017
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