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How do I schedule a service request? – Eagle ACCESS Clients

The Schedule field on the Application Service Restart, Database Refresh, File Movement, and Migration Request forms enables you to process a service request within the agreed time schedule.

Options include:

  • First Available.  Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. In most cases, the service request will be processed more quickly if you choose this option. So, if your request is urgent, be sure to let us know by entering the word “Urgent” in the Additional Notes field.

  • Request an Installation Time.  Requests are processed based on an agreed timeframe. When you choose this option, the system displays the Requested Execution Date/Time (US Eastern Time) field, which prompts you to enter the preferred date and time. The earliest available time varies depending on the services being requested, as shown in the table below.

    Note this option is considered a planned event. Eagle will review and approve the request based on resource availability. Once approved, the State field on the Request form will be updated to Scheduled.

Service Request

Earliest Available Time


24 hours or greater

Application Service Restart

4 hours or greater

File Movement

8 hours or greater

Database Refresh

Standard―3 Days or greater for a standard database refresh

Emergency―Requires Eagle ACCESS approval and is considered a PROD down situation

Note:  You can cancel a request before the work has started. Once the work has started, the State field on the Request form will be set to Work In Progress.

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