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Enhancements to new requests

When scheduling a new request we should be able to request an installation time that is less than 24 hours.  We should also be able to set a time window and not just a single time. 


We should be able to submit a request without an attachment being required (maybe have a check box to override it).

  • Peter Schubert
  • Aug 31 2017
  • Shipped
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  • Admin
    Kyung Hwang commented
    24 Apr, 2020 06:39pm

    Peter, thank you for your feedback. I know its been a long time.

    Migrations can be scheduled as soon as 5 hours from the time the request is made. This is down from our previous restriction of 24 hours. The restriction was in place to allow for proper scheduling of our resources. The migrations workflow has been enhanced and metrics have shown a consistent improvement.

    It is important to note, that if clients select the “First Available” Option when submitting the migration request, it will still be immediately released to the teams queue. This is still typically the fastest turnaround, but we understand that sometimes our clients need something scheduled for a specific time.

    We hope this is a big benefit to our clients by allowing for intraday scheduling.

  • Peter Schubert commented
    14 Sep, 2017 12:53pm

    I see that the status has changed to shipped. When should I expect this to be visible within the portal?