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As User Admin, here is two things that need to be improved:

1-I can create a user, but I cannot delete them afterward (I can only desactivate them). So, if I've done an error in the email or name of the new user (these are key fields I suppose), I don't have the ability to correct that (delete the user and recreate it).

2-When creating a new user, a lot of them complained that their temporary password received by email didn't work, as if they needed to wait a day or two before it could work.

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  • Sep 25 2017
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  • Guest commented
    13 Mar, 2018 07:28am


    Currently, we can disable a user but not delete it. My client is checking if there any timeline to deliver the function to delete a user from User Admin? 




  • Admin
    Kyung Hwang commented
    11 Dec, 2017 08:25pm

    The ability to modify the following fields are now available.

    First Name

    Last Name

    Job Title

    Contact Number.

    The ability to change the email address is not possible because it is a key field in the account creation.

    Deleting an account is a future consideration item.

  • Admin
    Kyung Hwang commented
    27 Sep, 2017 04:47pm

    The email address is an essential piece to the account creation.

    We are currently Planning to allow users to update First and Last Name.  I anticipate this functionality to be available in the short term.

    Ability to delete/remove a user will be flagged for future consideration.

    Regarding your delay when receiving a new user notification.  The development team has informed me that this can take as long as 30 minutes before becoming active, so users should not see a delay longer than 30 minutes.