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Process Improvement - Provide Acknowledgement by human on request update and ETA to completion

Today, I experience a request going into a black hole. I initially made a request which was addressed, it did not work as planned, I corrected the noted issue and updated the request. At this point, their was no response or acknowledgement of the update to the request for over 90 minutes. I reached out via Email. After escalating and having dialogue with our Technical Liaison, the request was addressed. I asked the Technical Liaison the following: "Is it not possible to provide an ETA and an acknowledgement that a person has actually looked at the update I submitted. Without an acknowledgement nor an ETA the RITM system is a black box and a requestor is left completely in the dark to when their request will be addressed. It would be helpful to have the person assigned to the ticket acknowledge that they have seen the requestor update the ticket and then provide an ETA to the requestor when the work will be completed. I know that all requestors of the RITM system will appreciate this. Could you please discuss this with your team as a process improvement action"

Please let me know when the team will be able to implement the process improvement providing requestors timely acknowledgements of updates by requestors and ETA on the work being completed. I know this will be appreciated by all requestors of the RITM system.

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  • Feb 16 2018
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    Kyung Hwang commented
    27 Mar, 2018 05:59pm

    I am sorry the experience was not good with this request.  We are working with our teams to address the time lag you are reporting. 


    For transparency, we have a team dashboard that shows all outstanding requests.  Yes, there is typically a list of requests for our teams to work through, which will take some time to pick up initially.


    Once a task is assigned to a resource and the request is set to “In Progress”, the expectation is that the person will start to fulfill the request.  You will also notice that the client portal will no longer allow you to cancel the request once it is set to “In Progress” indicating work has started.


    If they have an inquiry and set the request to “Waiting for Info”, that typically means they have a question or have received an error that may require your attention. 


    Once you respond, our teams sees their task in a ”Pending” state, which indicates they have received a response back from their original inquiry.


    They should be reviewing the pending ticket as a priority to determine next steps.  They should be setting the ticket back to “In Progress” which would identify to you that we are currently re-engaged.