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Make the "Click here to view the Case" Link actually link to the case

When a ticket update notification is sent out by the system to us, the link that says “Click here to view the case” does not go to the view the case as the name implies; just to your website front page. Could you please fix this so that it is a link to the actual case in question? This would save a fair amount of time considering I received 31 of these last week in my inbox.

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  • Mar 26 2018
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    Kyung Hwang commented
    6 Jul, 2018 12:04pm

    We are currently working on developing the ability to bring you directly to the case when clicking on the “Click here to view the Case” link.  This requires authentication at each user level, which we are working on.


    In addition, we have an upcoming development item that will allow our clients to Close their own ticket from the Client Portal when the ticket is set to resolved.  This removes the back and forth process of asking Eagle to close the case on your behalf.

    The above mentioned case link will bring you directly to the case in question which will allow you to either close the ticket directly or re-open if you feel the issue is not resolved.

  • Admin
    Kyung Hwang commented
    6 Apr, 2018 06:39pm

    Thank you for your feedback.  This will be a future consideration.  This requires authentication related to the email link and the individual client portal log in specific to each user.  We wanted to provide a link that would bring to the client portal URL for a quick link to the site.